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Rafting and research the water head of Yangtze River
Looking for Shangri-La,
"God lives Place"
Adventure trek in Ali -- "The roof's roof of the world"

Explorer the Great Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet
Princess Wen Chen of Tong Dynasty was married in to Tibet tour.
Western Sichuan and Eastern Tibet,
lamaseries, grassland,visit Panda Protect Area.
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"The Place God Dwells"

My dear friends:

    Have you ever heard the famous writer Hilton from England and read his book ShangRi-La, I, am going to take you to the palace which the God lives in where Hilton described in the book and lots of people in the world have looked for it many years.

Total: 120-3300km.01-23days



Camp of Trek:  
Cozy and safety, enjoy the nature.

Photos about adventure in Tibet: 
Many pictures be photoed by famous photographer of China.

Exciting Group of '98 Rafting & Scientific Research: 

In 1998,a Chinese Adventure Group had rafting and Trekking Through the Great Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo River.

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automobiles, rafting kayak and outdoor equipments, make tailored adventuring
itineraries as well as proceed permission application for the foreign tourists who
are interested in travelling to the West China. Please contact us if needed.

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