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TIBET (The Qinghai - Tibet Plateau)

Tibet is the most famous of China's adventure travel areas and is also of primaty interest to us. We have the contacts and experience to do Tibetan adventure travel right.

Tibet is called the " rood of the world ", a reference to its being the highest, widest mountain plateau on earth. In the past it was low-lying seas and palm trees. But with the collision of India with China, the mountains were born. Now much of the plateau is a frozen wilderness of dry winds and vast empty spaces under dark blue cloudless sunny skies. This is the edge of the atmosphere your walking around in here; you are bumping your head against the edge of outer space.

Poets have written reams of verse in praise of the mountains of Tibet, 70% of which are over 4000 meters high, with many peaks breaking the 7000-meter mark. Primitive tribes are sparsely scattered over more than a million square kilometers of wildness prairie land. Many of the large rivers of Asia originate in Tibet and somewhere in the mists of its history lie some of the secrets of the great migrations of early humans into China.

Tibet is the land of the Tibetan Buddhism and few other places in the world have melded their religion and their culture so tightly together. Four million Tibetan people live and worship on the plateau and they keep alive their traditional faith and culture alive despite inevitable intrusions of the modern world.

There is something about witnessing this culture, under the eternal gaze of snow-bound mountains, that draw the most interesting travelers from all over the world. That's one of the fringe benefits of travelling to Tibet: the company you keep. Besides the Tibetans themselves, you meet some of the world's great trekkers.

Our itineraries in Tibet travel include not only the Autonomous Region of Tibet but also Tibetan areas in adjoining provinces, such as Qinghai and Sichuan and Yunnan. We are equipped o do vehicle tours, horseback tours as well as long distance hikes and climbs. We also conduct white water rafting expeditions and guide scientific investigation teams.

The combined knowledge of our guides encompasses a wide selection of routes and we guarantee safety and reliability in a land where such guarantees are very important. We have experience in guiding professionals on study tours, as well as amateurs on exploratory visits. You are the boss. You pick the place, we will take you there and back safely and efficiently. Let us spend your time on the details that most interest you.