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The Shangri-La Tour Route 19 ROUTES


   1、Cultural Exploration Tour Route to the Triangle Area of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet - Zhongdian, Big and Small Snow Mt., Xiangcheng, Riwa, Chonggu Monastery, Yading, Litang, Batang, Mangkang and Dongzhulin Monastery    ( Recommend )

2、Cultural Exploration Tour Route of Yunnan, Sichuan - Zhongdian, Big and Small Snow Mt., Xiangcheng, Riwa, Chonggu Monastery, Yading, Litang, Yajiang, Dawu, Bamei, Danba, Xiaojin, Dujiangyan, Chengdu   ( Recommend )

  3、Cultural Exploration Tour Route of Yunnan, Sichuan - Zhongdian, Lijiang, Ninglang, Yanyuan, Xichang, Leibo, Emei Mt., Leshan, Chengdu   
( Recommend )


   4、One-Day Tour Route to Suburb of Zhongdian - Zhongdian, Songzanlin Monastery, Napa Lake and Bita Lake (or ShuduLake)

   5、Two-Day Tour Route to Eastern Ring of Diqing - Zhongdian, Bita Lake (or Shudu Lake), Baishuitai, Tiger-leaping Gorge, the 1st Bend of Yangtze River

   6、Three-Day Ecological Tour Route to Central Ring of Diqing - Zhongdian, Nixi, Tangdui, Tangman, Qizong, Tacheng, Jinsha, the 1st Bend of Yan_qtze River

   7、Four-Day Tour Route to West Ring of Diqing - Zhongdi, Bengzilan, White Horse Snow Mt., Deqing, Mingyong, Cizhong,Kangapu, Weixi and Tacheng  

   8、Northwest Yunnan Ethnic Minority Folklore Tour Route - Zhongdian, Lijiang, Dali

   9、Tibetan and Dai Folklore Tour Route - Zhongdian and Xishuangbanna

   10、Pilgrimage Tour Route from Zhongdian to Lhsa - Zhongdian, Lhasa, Rikaze, Zhedang (Tomb of Tibetan King)

   11、Three-Day Tour Route to the Mysterious Territory of Niru - Zhongdian, Luoji, Niru, Shudu Lake

   12、Pilgrimage Tour Route to Meili Snow Mt. - Zhongdian, Deqing, Yubeng, Mingyong

   13、Tour Route with a Stop at Meili Snow Mt. - Zhongdian, Deqing, Canyon of Lancang River, Dukela, Chayu of Tibet

   14、Balagengzong Adventure Tour Route - Zhongdian, Qiaotou Village, Shuizhuang, Bala Vilage, Naidang

   15、Hiking Three Mountains and Four Rivers Tour Route - Baimang Snow Mt., Biluo Snow Mt., Gaoligong Mt., Jinsha River,Lancang River, Nujiang River, Dulongjiang River

   16、"Tea-Horse Ancient Road" Adventure Tour Route - Zhongdian, Deqing, Yanjing, Mangkang, Zuogong, Changdu  

   17、Diqing Monastery Culture Tour Route - Zhongdian, Dabao Monastery, Songzanlin Monastery, Deqing, Cizhong Church,Kanqpu, Weixi, Tacheng, Founder's Cave

   18、Diqing Alpine Flowers and Pants Expedition (May to June) Tour Route - Bigu Heavenly Pond, Big and Small Snow Mt., Haba Snow Mt., Baimang Snow Mt.

   19、Diqing Nationality Festival Tour Route - Shangri-La Art Festival, Deqing Shangri-La Three-stringed Music Instrument Festival, Weixi Shangri-La Orchid Festival, Shangri-La Horse Race Festival, Gedong Festival, Pilgrimage to White Water Festival