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Qinghai Lake
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Bayan Har Pass
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Chendgu Beijing


Brief  introduction:
Here, we are taking you to the way that Princess Wen Chen of Tong dynasty was married into the Tibetan area in ancient time of China. Along this route, you will see the birthplace of Yellow River and notice some parts of the river's temples and monasteries, and send yourself into the uncountable vast grasslands along the Jingsha River (as the same as Yangtze River). And we believe every kind of landforms, Majestic Mountains and river will attract your great interests. After all, we will take you to the Pandas' hometown to see the lovely pandas.

The arrangements:

Day 1: Fly to Beijing.

Day 2: Arrive Beijing, overnight Beijing. Live in Taiwan Hotel or the same level.

Day 3: In Beijing. Visit Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven. Live in Taiwan Hotel or the same level.

Day 4: Fly Beijing to Xining. Live in Xining Hotel or the same level.

Day 5: Drive from Xining to Kumbum, visit lamasery, drive to Qinghai Lake (240Km or so). Live in hotel.

Day 6: Drive from near Qinghai Lake via Daotanghe & Gonghe to near Wenquan (330Km or so). Camp

Day 7: Drive from near Wanquan to near Madoi (110Km or so). Camp

Day 8: Spend one day visiting the Ngoring Lake and possibly also the Gyaring Lake (70Km or so). Camp

Day 9: Drive from near Madoi to south of the Bayan Har Pass (180Km or so). Camp

Day 10: Drive from south of the Bayan Har Pass to Yushu [Jyukundo], see lamasery, visit the Temple to Princess Wen Chen. Camp south of Yushu (150Km or so). Camp

Day 11: Drive from south of Yushu via Nangqen to north of Riwoqi (320Km or so). Camp

Day 12: Drive from north of Riwoqi to Qamdo, visit lamasery. Live in hotel.

Day 13: Drive from Qamdo to Dege (340Km). Live in hotel.

Day 14: See lamasery and Sutra Printing Hall, drive to west of Maniganggo (110Km or so). Camp

Day 15: Drive from west of Maniganggo to Ganzi (95Km). Live in hotel.

Day 16: in Ganzi. See lamaseries, etc. Live in hotel.

Day 17: Drive from Ganzi via Luhuo and Dawu [Danfu] to north of Bamei (240Km or so). Camp

Day 18: Drive from north of Bamei via Danba and Xiaojin to Wolong (250Km or so). Live in hotel.

Day 19: Visit Wolong Panda center, drive via Dujiangyan to Chengdu. Live in Jinghe Hotel or the same level.

Day 20: Fly Chengdu to Beijing. Live in Taiwan Hotel or the same level.

Day 21: In Beijing. Visit Great Wall at Mutianyu and Ming Tombs. Live in Taiwan Hotel or the same level.


2,400.00USD/person; 2,970.00USD/person (for single room or tent)