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Northern Section: 27 days
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 2413 kilometers

Southern Section: 13 days 
Chengdu car.gif (1146 bytes) Ya'an car.gif (1146 bytes) Kangding camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Litang camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)horse.gif (1587 bytes) Batang
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2161 kilometers

Staring from Chengdu, at an elevation of 400 meters ,this road goes over 14 mountains. The road reaches an elevation of 5000 meters . It crosses 10 large rivers .This road is truly and engineering feat. The fact that it exists it exists at all is a marvel,so one shouldn't quibble about such things as hairping mountain curves and drop - offs of hundreds of meters. Although our drivers on the road makes this route somewhat dangerous. However, you won't ever, you won't ever see highway scenery like this, not anywhere. The mountain passes are truly incredible.

Located at the west of the Sichuan Basin, neighbor to the Qinghai - Tibetan Plateau. The city with an elevation of 400 meters, has a 2000 year recorded history and it's site as a settlement probably goes back another 8000 years at least. It is the economic center of South-west China. It boasts and International Airport and is at the center of rail and highway systems running through the province. Near Chengdu are the Giant Buddha of Leshan, the Buddhist Mountain of Emei, and the grasslands of Jiuzhaigou. Three gorges on the Yangtze River is only about a day to the east. Chengdu is in a region of life panda bears and ancient dinosaur fossils.

ERLANG MOUNTAIN: In earlier times, the first natural defense along the Sichuan - Tibetan Highway, 2200 meters high. The highway winds around the mountain and crosses Luding Bridge, a chain bridge over Dadu River finished in 1705. The Red Army took this bridge in 1935, in an important battle on the Long March. A memorial statue and museum are on the south side.

HAILOUNGOU: A glacier on the slope of Snow Mountain, spilling from 7500 meters down to 2800 meters into a primitive forest .The ice cataract reaches 1080 meters in height and 500 to 1000 meters in width . The largest in the world.

GONGGA MOUNTAIN: The main peak of Henduan Mountains, 7556 meters high, 71 glaciers originating here . It's base is 397 square kilometers. The foot of the mountain is heavily covered by primitive forest with rich plant and animal resources. There is a temple on the mountain resources. There is a temple on the mountain and pilgrims come from afar.

KANDING: The capital town of Sichuan Ganzhi Tibetan area, it sits by mountains and rivers and is home to Tibetan Buddhist colleges.

HAIZHE MOUNTAIN: A group of lakes on mountains over 4900 meters high.

XINGLUHAI, QUIRSHAN: The largest glacial lake in Sichuan,4500 meters above sea level ,2172 square kilometers in size, the average depth is 10 meters. Quirshan is the tall peak of West Sichuan, 6318 meters above sea level.

DEGE HOLY CLASSIC PRINTING INSTITUTE: The largest Tibetan books and 217,000 blocks of reading woods and 4669 kinds of Tibetan books. The Buddhist classics printed here are disseminated to the Tibetan area, India, Japan, Nepal, Southwest Asia and Western Europe.

THE NEWLY FORMED FAULT BY THE FRESHWATER RIVER: The most active place of earth crustal movement in Western China. Many strong earthquakes occurred during this century in this place . There are earthquake relics in Daofu, Luhuo along the river, marking the quakes of the 70's.

THE GREAT CANYON OF YALONG RIVER: A place that contrasts incredible natural vistas with efficient hydraulic power stations. One of the largest forest, areas in China, it has been farmed for 20 years .

JINGSHA RIVER VALLEY: The mountainsides along Jingsha River from Ddge to Batang are littered with broken stones from very recent geological movement. Mountain formation is still active . Sichuan Tibet Highway is freqently blocked by mud - rock slides. Baili Temple in Gangzhi, Babang Temple in Dege, and Gatuo Temple in Baiyu are famous Buddhist temple in the region.

HENDUANSHAN MOUNTAINS: These are a series of mountains through which the highway winds, Qionglai Mountain, Daliangshan, Daxiueshan, Zheduoshan, Jinpingshan, Yalongjiang Valley, Shaluh Mountain, Quirshan, Jingshajiang Valley, Yuenin, Ningjiangshan, Nanchangjian Valley, Lushan, Taniantawuongshan, Lujiang Valley. All these mountains and valleys form groups of formations called "two mountains linked by a river " and " two rivers divided by a mountain". Henduan Mountains are the products of new formation movement and modern geological activity. This area is called the Asian Great Canyon and Geological Museum. The vegetation of Henduan Mountains are grade -- separated.

Among the thick primitive forest, there are scattered mountain villages with very complicated historical backgrounds. The villagers learned to live on and with the mountains in a struggle for survival that is adorned with much natural beauty. This area is also historically significant to the Red Army, which was here in the 30's and left monuments of their Long March to the north.

The best season is from April to December.

An average price: Half Twin Single
Northern section $2,680 $2,860
Southern section $2,180 $2,380