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Lhasahotel.gif (1132 bytes)hotel.gif (1132 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)151km---Damshungcamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)walking.gif (996 bytes)164km---Nakchucamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)246km---Thanglha Passcamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)169km--Tongtian Hecamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)188km---Hoh Xil Nature Preservecamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)183km---Golmudcamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)184km--Da Qaidamcamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)201km---Delinghacamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)331km--Gangcacamp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)105km--Qinghai Lake camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)horse.gif (1587 bytes)190km---Xininghotel.gif (1132 bytes)hotel.gif (1132 bytes)

Total: 2,600km. 6days 

This tour covers a total of   2147 kilometers. This highway is the main road across the plateau.Straight and wide, paved with asphalt,it runs north from Lhasa,out across the Nakchu prairie,over the Tanggule Mountains and the Kunluen Range, traversing the vast salt lake area and Gobi desert ,passing Qinghai lake and finally arriving? at Xining,the capital city of Qinghai province.

  TANGGULA MOUNTAIN PASS:5371 meters above sea level. Many memorial statues along the way.

  TUO -TUO -RIVER BRIDGE:4800 meters above sea level ,2200 meters long .Called "first bridge over the Yangtze" because the Tuo - Tuo is one of the tributaries of the Yangtze.

  HEADWATERS OF THE YANGTZE:North of  Tanggule are the headwaters.five winding rivers forming a netwok that ends up in the Yangtze.

  WUDAO DITCH:The transitional demarcation line of the weather on the plateau.

  CHARHAM SALT LAKE:At the middle of  Chaidamu Basin along the QT Highway ,5000 square kilometers of lake 2670 meters above sea level. Teh highway passes over the famous Baizhang salt bridge.The largest potassium salt production site in China.

  LAKE IN A LAKE :A lake of water inside a lake of salt ,this area abounds with wild geese,fish gull,browndead gull are found here. This scenic spot is really off  the beaten track and rarely seen by tourists.

  CHAIDAMU BASIN:An oil - rich region.

  NATSETA FRESH SPRING:3700 meters above sea level on the north slope of the Kunluen Mountain ,it is famous for being the one -  time watering hole for Princess Wenchen when she entered Tibet .It is rare to find unfrozen freshwater spring this high on the plateau.

  DAKENDABAN MOUNTAIN:4500 meters above sea level. It's glaciers are the main water supply for the rivers into the Chaidamu Basin.

  XITIE MOUNTAIN:A multi - colored leadzinc mountain.140square kilometers at the base and 4000 meters high.

  TIANJUEN MOUNTAIN:4600 meters high, steep peaks, surrounded by clouds.The highway takes you to a vantage point above the Qinghai Prairie and Qinghai Lake.

  QINGHAI LAKE:3197 meters above sea level,4600 square kilometers in size,360 kiometers in circumference.Formed by a fault sink in the Quaternary Period.The average depth of the water is 19 meters ,with transparency of 8 - 9 meter .It is both the largest salt lake in China and the sacred lake among Qinghai Tibetan Buddhists. Pilgrims often come to worship.

  The lakeside is a vast natural grazing land,and in the lake fish are abundant.The site is a nesting area for thousands of birds from Southern Asia.

  XINING:The capital city of Qinghai Tibetan Area, 2200 meters above sea level .A city of cultural - historical and industrial diversity.

      TAR TEMPLE:The largest temple of Lama Buddhists in Qinghai, 14 square kilometers ,composed of palaces,prayer halls ,and Buddha towers .Frescoes and embroideries as well as butter flowers comprise the " three miracles " of Tar temple .It is the gathering place of Tibetan religion and cultrue . There are six institutes here,including astronomical and medical.

  This trip requires 6 days from Lhasa to Xining. The best season is from March to November.

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