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Chengdu Lhasa Yamdrok Yamtso Gyantse
  Shigatse Yangpachen Lhasa Chengdu

Day 1  Chengdu 

Day 2  Chengdu fly Lhasa

Day 3  LHASA: The capital city of Tibet, 3650 meters above sea level. The world's best sunshine and cleanest air. Recorded history:1300 years. Political, economic, cultural and religious center of Tibet. Full of tourists and Buddhist Pilgrims from all over the world. Profoundly religious. Surprisingly cosmopolitan.


Day 3  POTALA PALACE: Built over 1300 years ago, it is the largest and best-preserved ancient castle complex in Tibet. It occupies 130,000 square meters and tours 117 meters into the sky. This is where the Dalailamas (in the past) lived and worked. This is where the ashes of Dalailamas are preserved. 

PAGODAS AND PRAYING TEMPLES: Buddhist relics abound. Frecoes adorn the interiors. Gifts from ancient Chinese emperors are Shipley. Tibetan art, Tibetan tradition. These are the places that keep Buddhism alive in the hearts of the Tibetan people. 

JOKHANG TEMPLE: The statues of Skyamuni (brought by Princess Wenchen) and the statue of Mejulji (brought by the Princess of Nepal) are worshipped by throngs of believers. 

BARKHOR STREET: The marketing street for Tibetan arts and crafts and Buddhist artifacts. In the Old Town of Lhasa. 

DREPUNG MONASTERY: The largest monastery of the Geru sect of Lama Buddhism. A grand structure which can hold 7700 monks. Resplendent with Tibetan religious art.

Day 4
The largest freshwater lake of Tibet, 4400 miles above sea level, 800 kilometers in size, an average depth of 35meters. It is ice covered in winter, clear blue in summer. A destination for many species of the only woman living.

Buddha: Duojibuom. Unfortunately, an hydraulic power station is under construction, but despite that the area remains incredibly beautiful.

Day 5  GYANTSE: On the road linking East and West Tibet. Relics of anti-British resistance remain on a hill in town. 

BAIJU TEMPLE: A temple of the Geru sect of Lama Buddhism. Exquisite Buddhist arts. 

Day 6  SHIGATSE: The capital town of Western Tibet, with a 500 year history. It is 3800 meters above sea level. The seat of the religious leader: Banchen. 

TASHILHUNPO MONASTERY: The largest temple of the Gelu sect in Western Tibet. Elaborate statues and relics. Capable of housing over 4000 monks. The East Mausoleum of Banchen --Tashilangche -- the burial place of the 10th Banchen after his death in 1989. Also, the mausoleum of the 5th and 9th Banchens. Total area: 1933 square meters. 

Day 7  YANGPACHEN: Abundant hot springs some of which shoot steam high into the air, sparkling rainbows in the sunshine. Tours of Tibetan villages and lamaseries along the route.

Day 8 -- 9  Lhasa

Day 10 
Lhasa fly Chengdu 

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