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Total: 2,500km. 20days 

A main highway from the Northeast part of the QT plateau, across Qinghai Prairie, by way of the headwaters of the Yellow River. Elevation:2000 --4000 meters. 
THE GREAT SHIQU PRAIRIE: The largest prairie in the Sichuan - Tibetan Area. 25,000 square kilometers in size and 4200 meters above sea level. Mountain slopes, rushing rivers, grazing herds, prairie mice and rabbits.

THE FLAT VALLEY OF THE UPPER YALONG RIVER: Flourishing grasslands surrounding temples. 
YUSHU: The capital city of Southern Qinghai Tibetan area, 3700 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by mountains over 5000 meters high. Many Tibetan structures on the mountainsides. Horse - racing is popular. 

THE TEMPLE OF PRINCESS WENCHEN: A Tang- style temple built in memory of Princess Wenchen of Tang Dynasty times. 

BAYANGELA MOUNTAIN PASS: The watershed of Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, 4900 meters above sea level. From a temple constructed on the pass, one can see the networks of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers.

HEADWATERS OF THE YELLOW RIVER: 100 kilometers along the highway to the west are the headwaters of the Yellow River. It is an ancient basin 4500 meters above sea level, cluttered with 170 lakes. 

ZHANIN LAKE AND ENIN LAKE: Two big lakes formed near the source of the Yellow River. Zhanin is 526 square kilometers and Enin is 610. The distance between these two is 20 kilometers. They are linked by the Yellow River with an average depth of 18 meters. Fish are abundant in the lakes. The Tubo King Shungzhanganbu net Princess Wenchen here during the Tang Dynasty period. 

HUASHI GORGE -- AMINGMAGIN MOUNTAIN: A snow mountain on the East part of Kunluan mountains, the main peak is 6280 meters high. Glaciers spill off the slopes. A holy mountain of Tibetan Buddhism. Tourist groups are welcome all year long. 

THE GREAT GONGHE PRAIPIE: The Yellow River flows to Gonghe Basin after passing through 1000 kilometers of steep mountain valleys. The basin is 3000 meters above sea level. The prairie is the main base of Qinghai animal husbandry. 

LONG YANG GORGE: Both a big power station and a big reservoir in the Yellow River Valley . The dam is 178 meters high, the water containment is 24.7 billion cubic meters. 

THE SUN AND MOON MOUNTAIN: A mountain by the side of Qinghai lake,4877 meters high, it is the agricultural demarcation line of Qinghai Tibetan Area and the only route of the Tang Qing Ancient Road and the Silk Road.

THE BACKFLOWING RIVER: "All rivers flow east , only this one turns west ." It flows into Qinghai lake. 

THE RELICS OF FU GUANG CITY: The capital city and political center of the 6th century Tungukuen Kingdom. It was destroyed in 1591.

The best season is from April to December.

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