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  The trip ends here on the border of Nepal. Quests will continue their journey through Nepal.

Day 1  SAKYE MONASTERY: The main monastery of the Sakya sect in the Western Tibetan area.

The tallest peak in the world, 8848 meters above sea level. Often called the world's third pole. In the middle of the Himalayas. Expeditions from several countries have scaled it only 11 times. Views of this peak are beyond words.

Day 3  RONGBU TEMPLE: The world's highest house of work ship, 5500 meters above sea level. Headquarters for expedition teams. Nearby Rongbu glacier.

Day 4  HISHAPANGMA PEAK: 8012 meters above sea level. One of the more famous peaks of the Himalayas.

This tour takes you past 10 peaks each of which is over 7500 M
ETERS bove sea level.

Day 5  ZHANGMU: Near the Nepal border. Interesting trade town. Surrounded by forests. 2700 meters above sea level.

This itinerary takes 11 days. The average height of the route is 4000 meters. April to November are the best travel months for this trip.

An average price: Half Twin Single
Deluxe $1,090 $1,335
Standard $935 $1,090

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