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Total: 2,200km. 12-15days 


Day 1  NANJIABUWA PEAK: Pomi primitive forest and the Pomi Yarlung Tsangpo River Bend. Spectacular, Wild. 

Day 2  CHAMDO: The economic, cultural center of Eastern Tibet. 3,232 meters above sea level. Bangda Airport, since 1994. Midway along the Tibet -- sichuan highway.

Day 3  KALO RELICS: The largest relics dating back to the Neolithic Age.
An excavation area of 1800 meters.Large quantities of cultural relics. Site of intense speculation of ancient migration routes.

Day 4  QIANGBALIN TEMPLE: The principle monastery of the Gelu sect in Eastern Tibet.

Day 5  DINOSAUR POSSILS: In the mountain of Damala, close to roam the coastal regions of a long--vanished sea.

Day 6  TENGCHEN -- BACHEN: The capital town of North Tibet. A station on the Qinghai -- Tibet Highway. 4500 meters above sea level. A vast expanse of grassland. A long tradition of wild horse races across the plains.

Day 7  NAKCHU: The capital town of North Tibet. A station on the Qinghai -- Tibet Highway. 4500 meters above sea level. A vast expanse of grassland. A long tradition of wild horse races across the plains.

Day 8  NAKCHU -- DAMSHUNG -- LHASA: The South route of the QT highway. A straight, broad road making vehicle tour comfortable and easy, despite the wildness of the surrounding countryside.

Day 9  NAMTSO: The largest saltwater lake in Tibet. 4718 meters above sea level. The Nianchen Tanggala Peak. 7111 meters high, stands at the south bank of the lake, a spectacular sight. In spring and summer, the lake throngs with nesting birds. A vast tract of grassland surrounds the lake. Herds roam free. One of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Attracts a great number of Buddhist pilgrims. 

Natural Environment of Eastern Tibet:

This area is a transition from plateau to mountains. Nakcha in the upper reaches of the Nujiang and Lanchangjiang rivers. The area includes the Lanchangjiang River, Yarlung Tsangpo River and their tributaries. Heading eastward off the plateau into the mountains, the average elevation descends from 5000 to 4000 meters. Canyon depths are from 2000 - 2500 meters. The deepest is over 6000 meters.

The corner canyon was named the deepest in the world by a team of U.S geologists in 1994.

The plants in Eastern Tibet are grade - separated. They range from tropical forest in the lower reaches to snow -- deserts in the most elevated areas. The great canyon area has been put under national protection for purposes of preservation and scientific study.

There are nearly 6000 species of plants and animals in the area, including 110 woody plant, 116 mammal, 473 bird, 49 reptile, 44 amphibian, 61 fish, and 2300 insect species. Many of these species are unique, not found outside China.

River Valleys: Lujiang, Nachang, Jinsha valleys. Tall mountains, steep valley sides, steep river drops, many waterfalls. Valley floors vulnerable to flooding. Plants are grade - separated. Primitive production methods still employed by the local populations. Economical backward, it is now the recipient of vitalization efforts that include the development of 340 million kilowatt of hydro - electric capacity. Mountain, forest, river and folklore photographic tours are favorites with our customers in the past. The best amateur travel times is April to November. Scientific expedition choose their times according to study needs, of course. We travel anytime.

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