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Mountains and Rivers Tour throughout the South Road of Sichuan -- Tibet:

Chengducar.gif (1146 bytes) Luding (Jagsamka)car.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)Yajiang (Nyagquka)car.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)

Mt.Seacar.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)Batangcar.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)Markamcar.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)Paksho(Baxoi )car.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)

Pome(Bowo、Bomi)car.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)Tangmeicar.gif (1146 bytes)Nyingtri (Nyingch)camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)

Gongbogyamda (KongpoGyamda )car.gif (1146 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)LhasaChengduYour Country

Total: 20days

Brief  introduction:
It is probably the most difficult but quite attractive road in the world. A vehicle will climb over 10 big mountain passes of Qinghai - Tibet Plateau and cross 8 big rivers, which source, still from the plateau. The road from the lower basin of west Sichuan, step by step, lifts up to the highest plateau in the world. Along this way, you will sight a lot of natural sceneries and reorganize the regular custom, tradition, religion of Tibetan, etc. We believe all these will take you to an extremely new world.


The arrangements:

Day 1: Accept the flight in some city of China. Live in a hotel.

Day 2: The major sightseeing in the city. Still in the hotel.

Day 3: Fly to Chengdu. Take a rest in Holiday Inn.

Day 4: Drive from Chengdu via Ya'an to near Luding (280Km pass over Erlang Mountain with 2,900 metres high, see the main peak of Mt. Guonggar in the clouds). Camping near Dadu River.

Day 5: Drive from near Luding via Kangding to Yarjiang (260Km; pass over Mt. Zeduo with 4,200 meters high, Mt. Jandao Wanzi with 4,400 metres high and through the Yar Lungjiang Canyon). Camping in the forest area.

Day 6: Drive from Yarjiang via Nitang and its vast grassland to Mt. Sea (240Km; pass over Mt. Gaoersi with 4,600 metres high). Camping near Nitang River at the foot of Mt. Sea.

Day 7: Drive from near Mt. Sea to Batang (260Km; pass over Mt.Sea and along Batang River). Camping at the side of Jinsha River.

Day 8: Drive from near Batang to Mongkang (250 Km; pass over Mt.Mongkang with 4,600 metres high, cross-Lanchang River). Camping in the forest area.

Day 9: Drive from near Mongkang to Baxue (260km; pass over Mt. Dongdala with 5,001 metres high, cross Nu River). Camping in the forest area.

Day 10: Drive from Baxue to Pomi (280 Km; pass over Mt. Lingjin with 4,900 metres high, cross Nu River and along Parlun Tsangpo River on). Camping in the forest area.

Day 11: Drive from Pomi to Tongmei (200km; along Parlung Tsangpo River). Live in a guest house.

Day 12: Drive from Tongmei to Lingzi (240Km; pass over Mt. Segira with 5,010 metres high; Cross Niyang River). Stay in Lingzi Hotel.

Day 13: Sightseeing in the city of Lingzi or near it. Still stay in the hotel.

Day 14: Drive from Lingzi to Jiangda (220Km; along Niyang River). Camping at the side of the river

Day 15: Drive from Jiangda to Lhasa (230Km; pass over Mt. Lada with 4,700 metres, visit Chubu Monastery. Stay in Lhasa Holiday Inn.

Day 16: Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa ,etc. Still in Holiday Inn for night.

Day 17: Visit Norbulingka Park and Drepung Monastery. Still in Holiday Inn for night. Day 18: Fly Chengdu from Lhasa. Live in Holiday Inn. Day 19: Sightseeing in the city of Chengdu. Still in Holiday Inn.

Day 20: Fly Hongkong from Chengdu. The expedition is ended.

The quotation for single persom: a) 12 days in the remote: 12 * 150$/p.d = USD 1,800

b) Air tickets: From some city - Chengdu; Lhasa - Chengdu; About USD320 (includes airport tax). Explanation: If need to book ticket from Chengdu to Hongkong, then add USD280 for tickets.

c) Hotels: For eight nights, USD390/person (4 or 5 stars). d) Sightseeing, fee of service and gate tickets in the cities: USD580/person. e)

Permits: USD100/peson. f) Tax: USD180/person g) Insurance: USD50/person (the duty: USD24,780) In Total: 3,420$/per + 390$/per (for single room or tent) = USD3,810/person

Subject to change