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Northern Tibet (Qiangtang ) Plateau Tour:
Chengdu Lhasa Shigatse car.gif (1146 bytes) Lhaze camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Ngamring
camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Riwuqi ancient fort camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Saga camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Zongbar(Dongpa) camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)
Paryang camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Parge camp.gif (1186 bytes)camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Guge Kindom Ruins camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes)


(Seng-ge Khabab)

car.gif (1146 bytes) car.gif (1146 bytes) Dongco camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Tsochen (Coqen)
car.gif (1146 bytes) Ngamring camp.gif (1186 bytes)car.gif (1146 bytes) Lhatse car.gif (1146 bytes) Mt. Everest BC car.gif (1146 bytes)
Tingri car.gif (1146 bytes) Zhangmu

Total: 29days

Brief introduction:

Northern Tibet Plateau is just one the pure lands which are less left on the earth. While it is regarded as the Holy Land by Tibetan pilgrimages, many of pilgrimages from every where in the world reach here for prayer and large number of travelers visit here every year. Here has some big mountain ranges such as Himalayas, Gangdisis, and Kunluns where the sources of some great famous rivers run from. It was ever an area that the ancient Guge dynasty disappeared mystically, but still remaining a few rich and glorious marks of Tibetan culture and religion. You can sight the moving appearance which Tibetan people live in the bad tragic surrounding. Putting yourself among the journey, you will be shaken by its vast desolation, its historical atmosphere and feel the decadence of the human being's liveing circumstance.

The arrangements:

Day 1: Accept flight in some city of China. Stay in a hotel.

Day 2: Major sightseeing in the city. Still in the hotel.

Day 3: Fly Chengdu. Take a rest in Chengdu Holiday Inn.

Day 4: Fly Lhasa from Chengdu. Live in Lhasa Holiday Inn.

Day 5: Major sightseeing in Lhasa (such as Potala Palace, Jokhong Monastery, etc). Still in Holiday Inn.

Day 6: Drive from Lhasa to Xigaze (begin the journry of Qiangtang Plateau, along the Yarlung Tsangpo River). Live in Xigaze Hotel.

Day 7: Sightseeing in Xigaze. Still in the Hotel.

Day 8: Drive from Xigaze back to Lhasa (240Km). Camping.

Day 9: Drive from Lhasa to Angren (280Km; through the grassland and desert). Camping in the gressland. Day 10: Drive from near Angren to Riwuqi ancient fort (120Km). Camping near a river.

Day 11: Drive from near Riwuqi ancient fort to Sagar (280Km). Camping near a river.

Day 12: Drive from near Sagar to Zongbar (280Km). Camping near a river.

Day 13: Drive from near Zongbar to Paryang (280Km; along the Maqian River). Camping in the desert.

Day 14: Drive from near Paryang to Barhe (280Km). Camping by the side of the Holy Lake.

Day 15: Visit the Land of God and the Holy Lake. Camping at the same site.

Day 16: Drive from near Barhe to Guge dynasty ruin (280Km). Camping near the ruin.

Day 17: Visiting the Guge dynasty ruin. Camping at the same site.

Day 18: Drive from near Guge to Siqian River (240Km). Live in Siqian Hotel.

Day 19: Sightseeing in Siqian River. Live in Siqian Hotel.

Day 20: Drive from Siqian River to Chuoqing (280Km). Live in the Tibetan houses.

Day 21: Drive from the Salt Lake to Dongchuo (280Km). Camping by the side of a lake. Day 22: Drive from near Dongchuo to Chuoqing (280Km). Live in the Tibetan houses.

Day 23: Drive from Chuoqing to Angren (280Km). Camping near a river.

Day 24: Drive from Angren to Rarzi (280Km). Live in Rarzi Hotel.

Day 25: Drive from Rarzi to the Management of Everest Mount (260Km). Live in the Management.

Day 26: Sightseeing near Everest Mount to Dinzi. Live in the same site..

Day 27: Drive from Mount Everest to Dinzi (100Km). Live in Dinzi Hotel.

Day 28: Drive from Dinzi to Zhangmu (250Km). Live in Zhangmu Hotel.

Day 29: Leave the border of China from Zhangmu (to Nepal) The journey is ended.

The quotation for single person: a) 23 days in the remote: 23 * 160$?p.d = USD 3,680/per

b) Air tickets: some city of China - Chengdu - Lhasa USD 320/person

c) Hotels in cities: USD 300/person (for or five stars)

d) Fee of service and the gate tickets in the cities USD 460/person

e) Permits: USD150/person

f) Tax: USD268/person In Total: 5,1780$/person + 480$/per(for single room or tent) = USD 5,658/person                                                               

                                                                                           Subject to change